Apr 2 2020

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Ddos protected hosting BE SAFE, BE PROTECTED, WITH FREEBSD DDOS PROTECTION DDOS attacks are really popular these days. They are playing celebrity on cyberspace. And, because of their increasing celebrity, no-one will deny that truth! They are popular as the online business wreckers and rightly so. The harm they produce in companies is irreparable. Online business is shut and losses are heavy. The name DDOS, standing for Distributed Denial of Service explains a good deal. The targeted service is denied to clients and this creates a mess online. You’ll end up being knocked off of the web; you won’t be …

Mar 31 2020

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Ddos protected hosting What are the disadvantages of managed hosting? Managed hosting is known as the best form of web hosting available in the market. In fact it is regarded as ideal for big companies who have huge websites, as they do not have to bother about the management of the server and its technical problems. Although you would get lots of advantages if you choose managed hosting as your web hosting service provider still there are various disadvantages of managed hosting also for which they have not become so much popular. These disadvantages are: You would find that managed …

Mar 30 2020

#Ddos #protected #hosting-Ddos protected hosting

Ddos protected hosting Dedicated Servers Affordable & Anonymous All orders including custom dedicated servers will be ready in less than 48 hours. Absolutely anonymous service, just valid e-mail for communication. Check pricing for aha moment! Fast SSD VPS Instantly Pay With Bitcoin KVM virtualization. Linux or Windows OS. Fast SSD storage. Unmetered traffic plans. Accepting Bitcoin. Offshore location. Anything else available upon your request! Streaming Servers Up To 10 Gbps Port Speed High quality infrastructure for live streaming, VOD & IPTV! Offshore location allows more flexible content policy. Easy scalable uplink – from default 1 Gbps unmetered, up to 10 …